What does "deferred" mean on my job search?

Some claimants are exempt from completing job searches for their required weekly certification. Others may participate in an approved training or career service that serves as a "job search."

While jobs applied for through Jobs4TN will auto-populate on the corresponding week's certification, a "deferred" notation will appear for the following instances:


  • Union Members who have answered that they belong to a union and have provided their Union ID Number
  • Job-Attached Claimants returning to work within 16 weeks and have provided their return-to-work date
  • Medical Exception if the claimant becomes unable to work after they have filed a claim and provide medical documentation from a doctor stating that fact. Work searches will be deferred as long as they were able and available at the time of filing the claim.
  • Agency-Approved Training for TRA (job lost due to foreign trade) WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) and GI Bill (military) claimants
  • Commissioner-Approved Training is occupational/vocational in nature. Claimants attending beauty school or Tennessee College of Applied Technology, etc.,
  • Completing a TN American Job Center Service - attending a hiring event, meeting with a career coach, or even registering on Jobs4TN

Please keep in mind that while you may qualify for a job-search exemption, all claimants are required to certify weekly.

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