How do I restart my benefits? Reapplying for unemployment




  • scottie rasnick

    how do I sign up for an extension of benefits?

  • Jeff

    The federal extensions for unemployment expired at the end of 2013. There is still some discussion in Congress about these federal benefits, but as it stands right now there is no benefit beyond what is available through Tennessee's program…the maximum of 26 weeks of benefits.


    Apparently, last year when I filed for unemployment I went on euc 08 benefits, when I thought my benefit year ended and I started a new claim for my seasonal work. I am not sure why they did not tell me if I was on layoff to refile for unemployment. Now I am stuck in a benefit year that ends two months before I go back to work. Should I get my employer to file another claim for me? I think I filed a week to early in June 2013

  • Jeff

    You are right in that the timing of your benefit year isn't ideal. Basically a benefit year is the 52-week period beginning the first day of the week in which your initial claim is filed. During that year you have an open account with us. If you go back to work and become unemployed again during that year, you are reopening that claim. When your benefit year ends, you must reapply for benefits to start a new benefit year.

  • Denise Michelle Tindall

    I have worked all my life (46 yrs old), never drawn unemployment before and lost my job this Feb when my company closed it's doors. I was approved for 17 weeks and have just been notified my benefit expires within 2 weeks. I have not secured another job yet. Is there a way to file for extended pay, since I only received 17 of the 26 available weeks? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Jeff

    I'm sorry but not everyone gets the maximum of 26 weeks. Once the amount you are eligible for expires, you would have to earn qualifying wages to again become eligible for unemployment.

  • holly A welch

    How do I get extension on my unemployment once 26 weeks. Exhaust?

  • Jeff

    The federal extensions are still expired so you'd have to have eligible wages for about six months before qualifying again for TN benefits.

  • Tony Lemons

    Why doesn't anybody help.... nobody isn't responding to any of my calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    I see you have submitted 5 tickets today. They respond to tickets in the order in which they are received so it doesn't speed up the process to submit more than one. They are currently working tickets from the 12th so expect a response on Friday or Monday.


    I have been working with Amazon through a temp service since 10/2011 they work you for a few months and lay you off....I have returned as soon as they contact me that they are needing employees. I have drawn unemployment until I return but now I got a message that all my benefits have been exhausted. I worked 11/2013 until 2/2014. How can this be when I am returning and working until laid off again, the layoffs are not my fault it is because they no longer need us except during peak seasons.

  • charles owens

    I received one payment and it stop I need my payment to start back up

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