School Employees (Teachers, substitute teachers)

Is a school employee ever eligible during a regularly scheduled break?

Yes, if the following conditions are met and no other issues exist:
School personnel (professional or non-professional) who have monetary eligibility based on qualifying wages earned in employment other than in an educational institution may be paid benefits during any regularly scheduled break, such as vacation or holiday, even though they have reasonable assurance of reemployment immediately following the vacation or holiday period if they are otherwise eligible. The benefits such claimant is eligible to receive will be based solely on wages earned in employment other than in an educational institution.

School personnel (professional and non-professional) may be eligible for unemployment benefits between terms (during a vacation or other recess) if they do not have reasonable assurance of returning to an educational system following the recess period.


If a school employer offers a substitute teacher work in the next school year or term as a substitute teacher but does not give a definite date to return to work, is the substitute teacher eligible for benefits during the recess period?

No. However, a substitute teacher with non-school wages in the base period may draw benefits if otherwise eligible.





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