Fraud - Report a fraudulent claim

What is UI Fraud?

If you knowingly collect benefits based on false or inaccurate information that you intentionally provided when you filed your claim, you are committing fraud. UI fraud is punishable by law and violators could face a number of serious penalties and consequences.

Examples of UI fraud could include:

  • An individual returns to work, fails to report wages, but continues to collect UI benefits.
  • An individual works a part-time job but does not report his or her earnings to the state, thereby collecting more benefits than he is allowed.
  • An individual performs temporary work while collecting UI benefits but does not report the earnings when filing his or her weekly claim.
  • An individual holds back information or gives false information to the state UI agency.

You may report someone who is fraudulently collecting unemployment benefits


UI Recovery Unit
P.O. Box 24150
Nashville, TN 37202-4150

The information will be sent to an Unemployment Benefit Auditor who will review the information given as well as contacting the current employer. If it appears that an overpayment may exist, the claimant will be contacted regarding a possible overpayment.

You may give your name and number for an investigator to contact you for additional information if needed, or you may remain anonymous.

Please include as much of the following information as possible:
Name, address, and phone number of the individual
Social security number
Where they are working (address and phone number if known)
Dates of employment
If self employed, type of business and any known customers or clients

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