Monetary determination letter - not an approval




  • jimmy e jones

    I never received a monetary determination letter?

  • Jeff

    It's possible then your address is not correct in our system. Please visit then use your social and pin to access the "view benefits/update information" area. From there you'll find the personal contact info section that will allow you to change your address. If you didn't get a debit card either (after about 10 days or so) then that'd be a clue also that your address isn't right in our system. You'd request that from Chase at 1-866-429-9835.

  • jimmy e jones

    My address is correct. The information showing about my benefit period. Is from 2013. The last separation date is showing May 2013 not April 7 2014?

  • Jeff

    I see one of our interviewers named Carl is looking at your ticket right now so hold tight and he'll be able to sort it out for you.

  • Michael Johnson

    I need to submit a w-2 from 2016 how do i do that?

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