When will I receive my first payment?




  • Roberta McClure

    Anyone there that can assist me. I've worked all my life and have NEVER applied for unemployment....now I must and can't get any help or answers from TN Dept of Labor not even a return phone call.

  • Jeff

    Hey Roberta,
    I see that you submitted a couple of tickets on friday and today. I assure you an interviewer will be able to straighten out your certifications, and a delay of a few days of your certifications will not impact when you claim is decided.

  • Roberta McClure

    Thank you so much.

  • Roberta McClure

    Also do I need to open another ticket? If so, how can I get the best, fastest way to do this?

  • Jeff

    Yes please do create another ticket as this comment area is separate from that service.


    Hello I've been trying to apply for assistance, and I still can't, please help me,Thanks.

  • Adrian gilliam

    I had my pin locked the first week of certification & i have recieved a new pin but havent been able to do a weekly certification...Six weeks have past since i have been approved and havent recieved any money...

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