What is the maximum amount for which a business can apply?

IWT funds are limited and are therefore awarded on a competitive basis.  For the year beginning October 1, 2011, the maximum amount is $25,000 per grant, with a funding limit of $50,000.  The business may apply for subsequent grants in subsequent funding years, based on the difference between the amount of a previous grant award(s) (not total expenditures of previous grants) and the funding limit of $50,000. When a company has reached the $50,000 limit it must skip a year before they can reapply.


If a company is awarded an Incumbent Worker Training Grant but is unable to use any of the funds and forfeits the full grant amount, then that grant amount will not count against the total limit for that company.


Is there an employer match required to received an IWT grant?

Yes. The employer must match at least 50% of the IWT assistance request to receive an IWT grant award. An example of an employer contribution is If the grant award is $25,000 the company must match an additional 50% ($12,500). Refer to the Training Program Budget page of the IWT application.

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