I received an LB-0503 Agency Decision and I do not agree with the outcome. What do I do now?

When a claim for unemployment benefits is filed that involves a separation issue, the separating employer is notified and given seven days to provide information to the claims office about the reason for the claimant’s separation from employment.  The employer’s statements, if any, the forms completed by the claimant when the claim was filed, and any other pertinent documents are reviewed by an adjudicator.  The adjudicator is a well-trained and experienced Agency representative who makes a decision on the claim based on all the available facts and the applicable Tennessee state law. 

The Agency Decision is mailed to both the claimant and the employer.  Either party who disagrees with that decision may appeal to the Appeals Tribunal by making a written request within 15 calendar days of the mailing date of the Agency’s decision. 

File an appeal online (link below) or call Appeals for information (615) 741-1857


Contact an agent. Submit a request