How does an employer file an appeal?

An employer who disagrees with a LB-0503 Agency Decision and wants to file an appeal must send LB-0897 Notice of Appeal to the agency at the address shown on the notice or simply send a letter to the following address within 15 days of the mailing date of the decision. The claimant’s social security number must be included on all correspondence.

Appeals Tribunal
Dept of Labor and Workforce Development
220 French Landing Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-1002

We will review the decision. If the decision is correct (according to state law and regulation), we send the appellant a notice that the appeal has been sent to the Office of Appeals.

The Office of Appeals:
Schedules the hearing
Sends information about the hearing
Advises the employer and claimant where and when to appear for the hearing

The hearing notice contains important information about the appeals process. An Administrative Law Judge hears the appeal and testimony is taken under oath. After the hearing, the Administrative Law Judge mails a decision to all parties. Contact the Office of Appeals at the telephone number listed on the hearing notice if you have any questions.

Call (615)741-1857 or (800)344-8337


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