Trouble with Weekly Certification?

Here are a few things that may be causing you an issue while trying to certify.

You have missed one consecutive week of certifications. It is very important to begin your certifications starting the Sunday after you file your claim.

You may have also answered a question on a previous week’s certification that will require some additional information before you can continue your certifications. If you answered that you started training, refused work, were separated from another employer, did not complete your work searches,  or that you are not able and available for work.

If you are not able to certify, please click the "Submit a Request" button below and fill out a ticket for customer service.

Not reporting wages during the week of separation

We see quite often when a person files a claim and the last day worked is in that week, we rationalize that if you worked last week then they would have earned wages.  When you certify the next week but do not not enter any wages. That is a red flag for our system. In one place you have said that you have worked and in another place you told the system that you did not earn any wages. We stop these conflicting claims so that an improper payment is not issued.

Wages Earned vs Wages Paid

If you have worked this past week, we ask for your gross wages earned from this past week. Even if you have not been paid for those hours, report the amount of money earned.

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