Frequently Asked Questions by Variance Requestor and probable responses from Board of Boiler Rules

  1. How often shall the remote monitoring alarm be tested? – Once per shift.
  1. What is the latest revision of the guidelines? – The latest revision can be located at
  1. How important is it to be consistent with the job titles? – Extremely important! It is equally important to identify the person responsible for the boiler(s).
  1. Our remote monitoring station is manned by someone other than our boiler attendant. Should I include that person’s job description, too? –   Anyone cited in your systems operating manual should have a job description clearly indicating their responsibility to the procedure and their other duties.
  1. How critical is punctuation, page numbering, grammar, etc.? – Very important. The easier your system operating manual is to follow during the review process by the Board of Boiler Rules and the Deputy Inspector’s will greatly enhance the communication of your System Operating Manual.
  1. How important is political correctness (he/she) when referring to an employee? – It is important. However the best practice is to use job titles so there is no question as to who you are addressing.
  1. How important is the organizational chart? – Extremely important. Consistency in title throughout the manual is extremely important.  Every job title listed in the System Operating Manual should be identified on the organizational chart and in the job descriptions.  Consistency of job titles is critical.  Also, the Boiler Attendant/Operator and Remote Monitor shall be clearly identified in the System Operating Manual.
  1. Does the Deputy Inspector assigned to review the System Operating Manual on site have the authority to require additional changes to the system operating manual beyond those mandated by the Board of Boiler Rules? – The Deputy Inspector is tasked with assuring that the physical properties and procedures at the location comply with the description given in their System Operating Manual.  The Deputy Inspector is not reviewing code requirements, just variance guidelines including mandated changes.  Should a code violation be discovered, it would be handled on its own merits.
  1. May I commence operating under the System Operating Manual procedure upon completion of the Deputy Inspector’s review? – The Deputy Inspector will send his pass/fail report to the Chief Inspector.  The Chief Inspector will then send the owner a letter of authorization allowing operation under their System Operating Manual.
  1. Must the system operating manual be prepared by a registered Professional Engineer? –
  1. Do I need a revisions page on a re-submission? –
  1. Should I or my representative be present at the quarterly meeting of the Board of Boiler Rules when my System Operating Manual is being reviewed? – It is imperative.
  1. After a system operating manual has been passed by the Board of Boiler Rules on contingency does it have to go back in front of the Board of Boiler Rules? – No. Once the manual has been reviewed onsite by the Chief Inspector or Deputy Inspector for compliance of the contingencies then the variance request process is completed.
  1. When will variance request process be considered complete? When payment for variance inspection is confirmed and when the Chief Inspector issues the authorization letter.
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