What should I do if unable to log into my Jobs4TN account?

Your Jobs4TN account serves as your employment dashboard, allowing you to manage unemployment benefits, locate job opportunities, and resume employment. Needless to say, access is key. Before panic strikes, let’s review the best steps for recovering your account.

Are you truly logged into Jobs4TN.gov? To be certain, click this link.


Once on the site, click “Forgot Username/Password.”

To be certain of all credentials, select “Option 3 – Forgot User Name and Password.”

This will allow you to retrieve your username and set a new password. Be sure to select "Individual" and after the page refreshes, click the Next button.

The system will now request additional information about your account. Complete forms with your unique information such as name, date of birth, last four digits of your social security number, and zip code.

Once complete, click the Next button and you're on your way to regaining access!

If your information was found in the system, then you will be prompted to enter a new password. Your username will be shown on-screen.

If your information does not match, Jobs4TN will take you to our contact form. Under "How Can We Help You" choose: I cannot login to my account".

Contact an agent. Submit a request