Temporary Workers

Question: Will the system not allow the employee to file a claim if there's a return to work date?

Answer: Yes, an employee can file a claim and enter a return to work date. He or she can enter the return to work date when the claim is filed. If the return to work date is 16 weeks or less, the claimant is not required to do the weekly job searches. 

Question: Can you start building a claim of a partial layoff ahead of the layoff date?

Answer: You can start the process of building a mass layoff list prior to the start of the layoff date, but a claimant can not file a claim prior to being laid off. The day of the layoff is the earliest a claimant can be laid off.

Question: Do the automatic jobs matches come just with mass layoffs, or partials too?  We don't want our employees finding new jobs while we lay them off for a few months at a time.

Answer: Potential job matches come with every unemployment claim filed and are based on the claimants desired job title/occupation. If a claimant has a return to work date of 10 or less from the date he/she is laid off, the are not required to look for work while receiving unemployment. 

Question: What do we have to do to get our employees to now do the job searches during a partial layoff?

Answer: Claimants on partial layoff will not be required to look for work if they are scheduled to return to work within 16 weeks of layoff. 

Question: What if someone works a partial week, and made some money, but not enough to stop unemployment, do they have to report that?

Answer: Yes, all earnings, regardless of the amount, must be reported during the week that the money is earned. If the amount is less than the claimant's earnings allowance, no deduction will be made. If the amount is less than the claimant's weekly benefit amount but greater than the earnings allowance, a portion of the payment will be deducted. 

Question: Will our employees have to start a new claim every summer when we lay them off?

Answer: Yes, an employee/claimant will have to file a new claim each time that he/she is separated from employment. If the claimant is within a benefit year, the new claim filed will be an add claim. If the claimant is not within a benefit year, the new claim will establish a new benefit year.

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