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Question: Who can see our company's information on the site?

Answer: Each employer can create a single account for that company and each employer will be able to decide who within the company has access. Only one account can be created per employer and information that is not available to the majority of staff will have to be provided prior to account set up.

Question: How does my access to this system get turned off if I leave the company? What type of safeguards are in place to deny access for employees who no longer should have access to the system?

Answer: Only one account per company can be created and one username and password will be used. When someone leaves the company who has been given access, it will be up to the company to change the username/password when an employee who has access to the system leaves. Companies with multiple locations can create users to manage responsibilities based on locations.

Question: All my tax information is located with the corporate office in another state, will it mess them up if I am going into the system?

Answer: No, that is not be a problem at all. Having your corporate office in another state will not cause any problems in the new system.

Question: Do we have to set up a file for each employee?

Answer: There is only one user account for each employer and each employer can provide access to that account to staff as they choose. Any employee who works for you will automatically be tied to your account based on wages paid in the base period so there will be no need to create anything in the new system for employees you are laying off. If a mass layoff list is filed, you will be required to provide some information for each employee who will be on the list. The system provides a template and instructions for completing the mass layoff.

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