What is "10x Earnings?"

Perhaps "10x Earnings" is listed under your Outstanding Claim Issues. When a claimant's past application is not granted a benefit amount due to quitting, discharge, or work refusal, the claimant must earn at least 10 times the weekly benefit amount in order to be eligible for benefits on the new claim. This is a fairly common issue.


Example: Henry applies for Unemployment Insurance but his initial claim is denied. The claimant returns to work but is later laid off. Filing a new claim within the same benefit year (BYE) or after the BYE has ended, Henry's prior weekly benefit amount was $275. He had to earn $2,750 in order to be eligible to draw benefits. 

If unable to verify your wages, an agent will contact you within this timeframe. In the meantime, continue looking for work and certify weekly.

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