Reporting Layoffs Due to Lack-of-Work

Registered employers may report layoff (lack-of-work) claims affecting any percentage of their workforce. There are no limitations regarding the quantity of employees that may be included. This means a temporary layoff of 1 employee with a set return date may be reported on the same form as a permanent layoff affecting over 5,000 employees.

Completing the Mass Layoff on Jobs4TN is beneficial as you will not have to provide additional separation information for each individual's claim. Furthermore, employees, not employers, are responsible for filing their unemployment claims and weekly certifications.

Employers must submit the provided template within 2-3 business days of the separation date. This deadline is important because if submitted late and affected employees file a claim before the Mass Layoff report is available (within the deadline's 3-day grace period), employers will be requested to provide separation information for the individual(s).

Things to Remember:

  1. The Mass Layoff is for employers to report temporary or permanent lack-of-work layoff events that affect any number of employees.
  2. Employers have up to 3 business days after the separation date to file this report.
  3. If this deadline is not met, employers will be requested to provide additional separation information.
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