How do I file a claim for Unemployment Insurance?

If you are unemployed through no fault of your own and able & available to work, you may qualify for unemployment insurance. To receive such benefits, you must file a claim on Jobs4TN.

While there are many application questions, be sure answer all of them to the best of your ability. This will assist in the timely processing of your claim. 

  I do not have a Jobs4TN account.
  1. Navigate to Jobs4TN.
  2. Select "Not Registered Yet?"
  3. Scroll down to Option 3 and select "Individual."
  4. Agree to the "Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Notice."
  5. Agree to the "Privacy Agreement" as well.
  6. Answer yes to the question prompt: "Are you attempting to file an Unemployment Insurance claim at this time?" Don't forget to select the Next button.
  7. Click Next again.
  8. You will now be prompted to input your social security number and asked a couple of eligibility questions. You may then complete your account registration, submit work history and file an unemployment claim.
  I have a Jobs4TN account.
  1. Log into Jobs4TN.
  2. Locate "Services for Individuals" on the left navigational menu.
  3. Click "Unemployment Services" and then select "File a Claim."
  4. File your unemployment claim by answering approximately 65 questions.
Help?! I have an account but am unable to log in.
Contact an agent. Submit a request