Appealing an agency decision

Once a person files a claim for unemployment benefits, this Department investigates whether he or she is entitled to benefits, makes a decision, and issues a written decision. That decision may involve the claimant’s current employer or a former employer. If either the claimant or the employer doesn’t agree with the decision, that party may file an appeal to the Appeals Tribunal. To file an appeal, the party must notify the Appeals Tribunal in writing within fifteen (15) calendar days of the mailing date of the Department’s decision by facsimile, mail or online. Please include the claimant’s name and social security number on all written correspondence. Mail to: Appeals Tribunal Department of Labor and Workforce Development 220 French Landing Drive Nashville, TN 37243-1002 Fax to: (615) 741-8933 You can file an appeal to the Appeals Tribunal online The e-mail address for the Appeals Tribunal office For more information on appeals visit