Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

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Applying for Unemployment Benefits

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Maintaining Unemployment Benefits

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Stopping your benefit

Restarting your benefit

Appealing an agency decision

Unemployment forms

1099 G tax information for unemployment claimants

General Information

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Job Placement and Training

Tennessee's Career Coach

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Job Information

Training Opportunities



Unemployment Taxes/Premiums

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Benefit charges: employee claims

Employer Appeals

Layoff aversion - training grants for existing employees

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Workplace Laws and Regulations

Amusement Devices

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Posters - State and Federal Required

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Payday regulations, non-payment of wages, final paychecks

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Child Labor

General Information

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Boilers & Elevators

Workplace Safety and Health

Inspections and Compliance

Training and Consultation

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Workplace conditions

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Injured on the job? Workers' Compensation Insurance

I was injured on the job

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What employers need to know

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Requirements and exemptions for the construction industry

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Benefit Review Conferences

Medical Impairment Rating (MIR) Registry

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High School Equivalency Testing and Records